Floor Stand Infrared Lamp Heating Therapy Lamp Muscle Pain Relief  Physiotherapy treatment Instrument


Features of floor stand infrared lamp:


  • Strong permeability of infrared spectrum, deep heating skin, effectively improve blood circulation and skin tissue, beauty and fitness effect.
  • Physiotherapy effect, relieve waist rheumatic pain, muscle pain, arthritis, and promote wound healing.
  • High heating efficiency, stable heat source, filtering ultraviolet rays while keeping people warm.
  • Activate cells, promote skin blood circulation, improve physiological function, and be beneficial to the absorption of nutrients.
  • Accelerate skin metabolism, improve skin moisture, good for elimination of skin toxin, melanin and dirt.
  • Thermo-magnetic waves promote even secretion of sebaceous glands, keep skin PH value in balance.
  • When applying face mask, use this lamp for heating, can accelerate the absorption of nutrient ingredients in the mask.
  • Improve human immune function, which is beneficial to human health.
  • It is an ideal physiotherapy and skin care tool for families, beauty salons and hospitals.

Condition: 100% Brand New
Item Type: Infrared Therapy Lamp

Package list:
1 x Main Machine
1 x Light Bulb
1 x Iron Wire Mesh Lamp Shade
1 x Support Rod
5 x Base Supports with Wheel
1 x Base Fixing Plastic Base
1 x Base Set Screw
1 x Base Fixing Patch
1 x Gasket
5 x Small Screws
1 x Manual
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