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Utilizing air to provide the spinal stretch, pneumatic cervical traction devices are usually configured as a soft foam cushion that looks like a neck pillow, cradling the user’s neck and head. A strap secures the head for stability.

The user increases the pressure of the stretch through a hand-held control, slowly deepening the tension, which pushes up on the head while pushing down on the shoulders. Pneumatic traction devices deliver up to 20 to 50 pounds of pressure, depending on the model, and are generally preferred by users requiring faster results in a shorter amount of time.

Pneumatic cervical traction devices are also easy to travel with, as they don’t require assembly, and are always ready to use. They usually come in a mid-range price point between over the door devices and cervical posture pumps, making them a good cost-saving option for the long-term. They’re also quite versatile and can be used while seated or lying down, with some customers even wearing them as they walk around their home or office.

Often recommended by chiropractors, physical therapists, and other medical professionals, cervical traction can help patients with neck pain to avoid surgery and to reduce their need for pain medications. It may be performed as part of chiropractic or a physical therapy session, along with continuing care at home with the use of a traction device.

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